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S0660L Foot Glove

S0660L Foot Glove

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A contemporary and modern dance foot glove gives barely visible protection.



  • Revolutionary design that fits the foot "like a glove” removing the need for additional straps around the toes or foot, creating a smooth line
  • Breathable mesh upper fitted across the top of foot and toes
  • Leather outsole to protect the toes and ball of the foot and allow dancers freedom of movement and effortless turning
  • Acts as a barely visible layer on your foot, protecting it from abrasion



  • Breathable Mesh Upper, Leather Outsole



  • Base



  • Small, Medium, Large


Bloch Suggested Sizing

Small : UK1.5, - UK2.5

Medium : UK3.5 - UK5

Large : UK6 - UK7