A strong and durable ballet bun is very easy to do and with practice it will become second nature to you.


Dancers need to have a ballet bun for dance class, exams, competitions and shows.


Step 1

Brush your hair so it is free of any tangles.  Once it is straight and tangle free brush it straight back and pop it into a ponytail.

A little water or hair gel can help make it smoother or more manageable.


Step 2

Pull your hair back into a ponytail using a comb with fine teeth to get that smooth finish and secure with a hair elastic. We have found it is best to put it up into a ponytail in line with the top of your ears so that you can get the bun in the correct position.

Once you have it in position you can spray your hair with hairspray.

The ponytail should be tight so that it ensures that there are no wispy bits of hair, but not so tight that it causes tension and breakage.


Step 3

Twist your ponytail into a tights rope, this will lead to a more secure bun, and wrap it around the ponytail / hair elastic. If your twisted it clockwise, ensure you wrap it clockwise. Use hair pins to then secure the twisted hair down. The more hair you have the more hair pins you will need.


Step 4

Pop a hairnet over your bun to help hold any wispy bits into place.  Once the hair net is on, add more hair pins to secure it into place.


Step 5

Re spray your hair with hairspray and you are ready to go.  If you have any shorted pieces of hair these can be secured into place with hair grips.